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New bill introduced in New York State Senate to fund a 2-year conditional cash transfer pilot labeled as a UBI pilot

Published on 2019-09-13

Goodbye, Medium

Published on 2019-08-22

New Podcast Episode: How We Can Transform America’s Broken Economic System to Work for Everyone

Published on 2019-08-07

The Story of George McGovern's Failure to Guarantee Every American $1,000

Published on 2019-07-31

Deradicalizing the Radicalized: How Andrew Yang's Campaign for Humanity First is Revealing How to Heal the Nation

Published on 2019-07-26

New on Medium: There's no policy proposal more progressive than Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend

Published on 2019-07-23

New article on Medium: 'Universal Basic Income doesn't work' says new prime example of fake news

Published on 2019-05-31

I am the Editor-in-Chief of a newly launched UBI news site - Basic Income Today

Published on 2019-04-30

My Forbes Interview About Universal Basic Income

Published on 2019-04-22

My time at UBI Nordic 2019 in Oslo, Norway

Published on 2019-04-12

New on Medium: "Think Like a Martian about Money and UBI"

Published on 2019-03-28

My Unconditional Basic Income Testimony for Maryland's House Ways and Means Committee

Published on 2019-03-21

One Observed Effect of Unconditional Basic Income: Better More Reliable Transportation

Published on 2019-02-26

New on Medium: "What is there to learn from Finland's basic income experiment? Did it succeed or fail?"

Published on 2019-02-14

What is Unconditional Basic Income in One Word?

Published on 2019-02-04

Basic Income is now a dominant discussion in India's 2019 general election

Published on 2019-01-31

"The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct, and immediate abolition of poverty." — Martin Luther King Jr.

Published on 2019-01-21

Top 10 Basic Income Articles of 2018

Published on 2019-01-15

Standing on Shoulders

Published on 2018-12-21

What People Get Most Wrong About Unconditional Basic Income

Published on 2018-12-05