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Robots Will Take Your Jobs

Scott Santens
Scott Santens
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My first ever article to be published in the Boston Globe is now available online. It's titled "Robots Will Take Your Job". For those in and around the Boston area, this story will also be in the Sunday print edition on February 28th. So please pick up a copy if you can.

In it I explain how quickly artificial intelligence (AI) is now advancing thanks to the use of deep neural networks for machine learning, a branch of AI known as "deep learning," and that experts in the field are now increasingly calling for universal basic income as a direct result of the great labor market disruptions they believe exist right around the corner because of it.

If something like the game of Go can be mastered in a way thought at least 10 years down the road (if possible at all), then technology is advancing exponentially and without a basic income guarantee underneath us all, we aren't yet ready for what lies ahead.

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