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One Happy Story - The Citizens Basic Income

Scott Santens
Scott Santens
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When I met Senator Eduardo Suplicy of Brazil earlier this year at the NABIG15 Congress in New York, he handed me and many others there this cute little children's book about basic income in Brazil.

For those who aren't aware, Brazil is the first country to pass basic income into law, and did so back in 2004. They just haven't implemented it yet, because it's up to the President to do so, and so far they've avoided it.

I've been meaning for quite awhile to make this book more available to people by taking some photos of the pages and making an album available online, but then more recently I thought it would be neat to somehow make it into a video, so that's what I've done here, including my own narration.

I hope this is now able to reach more people, and if you want the images themselves, I've uploaded them to an imgur album. So by all means, if you make videos and think I did a terrible job with this version, please use the images to make a far better version. Thanks!

And my thanks as well to all those who originally created this story and its images.

Credits:Art: Megaterio Estudio de Criacao Writing: Ziraldo, Gustavo Luiz, and Miguel Mendes Illustrations: Miguel Mendes and Marco Antonio J. Ferreira Colors and Graphic Design: Fabio Tenorio Ferreira Translation: Andreza Akuska de Sousa Santos

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