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My New (And First) Book: Let There Be Money

Scott Santens
Scott Santens
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My New (And First) Book: Let There Be Money

Now available in paperback and Kindle

For those who have read my long essay about UBI and MMT (or listened to me narrate it) in its entirety, you know it was long. At near 14,000 words, it takes at least an hour for most readers from start to finish, and as a result, fewer than 2,000 people have read it all the way through according to its stats on Vocal. It seems to just be too long to be read as an essay online. Because it appears to potentially exist in the wrong medium, I’ve taken the time to self-publish it as a book, which is a first for me.

As a book, I’ve titled it Let There Be Money, and it’s now available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle e-book where I hope it will find more readers.

If you’re one of the ones who’s already read it online, it would be really helpful if you rated it and gave it a short review. The testimonials on Twitter have been amazing, and I’d love to see them as reviews on Amazon too. In fact, here are some of my favorites, and thank you so much to everyone who wrote them.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Like Edgar Mitchell, I want to grab a politician by the scruff, drag them to this article, and say ‘Read this, you son of a bitch.’ An absolute must read.” -@danielford77
“This is probably my favorite Scott Santens piece to date. In addition to emphasizing the shift from money-based to resource-based thinking, I found the reference to evidence-based policy-making as a condition for MMT to be very refreshing.” -@Kenji_Hayakawa
“I love the way Scott Santens always connects all the dots, sees the bigger picture, and communicates it in a way anyone can understand. A clear argument for how to move towards an economics that stops harming us and starts healing us.” -@fritterskitter
“Bravo Scott Santens! This is a masterpiece. Tremendously effective analogy. A wonderfully convincing introduction to MMT. MMT+UBI FTW!“ -@msimoens
“This completely changed my mindset, Scott. Thank you so much for researching and writing this. Shifting to a human-centered economy will definitely take time but I am inspired and motivated to work towards achieving it. I will definitely share this with my friends.” -@evan41223
“This is great. One of the clearest explanations of Modern Monetary Theory. And makes a good case for Universal Basic Income. Let’s do it!” -@Kenmarc_levy
“I think this remarkable piece of work is a strong response on the issue of inflation (caveat: it’s necessarily but bloody long. I need to finish reading it myself and then re-read a few times to make sure I actually understand all of it!).” -@aranjones
“An extremely well written and well articulated piece for the econ nerds who are wrapped up in the debate and misconceptions about MMT Pro-UBI and Anti-UBI arguments.” -@JohnHuynhNOLA
“Glad I saved this rather long read for when I had the time to digest (and probably not even entirely at that). A comprehensive examination of MMT & UBI, and how these could be optimised for maximum societal benefit by Scott Santens.” -@Mathew_Farmakis

Getting the Word Out

Please feel free to share whichever version seems to make the most sense in your conversations with others online and offline. In many cases, it will make more sense to talk about the book or share/gift a physical copy of the book. In other cases, it may make more sense to share a link to the article or the podcast version.

I don’t really have a personal preference. I just want as many people as possible to download it into their minds to accelerate the adoption of UBI that’s implemented in the best way possible with optimal taxation.

Also, here’s a banner you can share and add to your profiles for anyone who would like to help get the word out about the book. And if you want to make your own images to share with your favorite quotes, please do, and thank you for your help!

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