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A Guide to Basic Income: Frequently Asked Questions about UBI

Unconditional Basic Income 101

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Over the years I've been asked many questions about the idea of a basic income guarantee. Some are asked far more than others, and so I've made a point of writing various articles and blog posts to answer many of these questions. Whatever question you may have about basic income, please look below and see if there's a . . .

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A Day in My Life in 2040

Looking ahead with the assumption we adopted UBI

Recently I was asked to visualize a day in my life twenty years from now in 2040, with the assumption that we made the right decisions as a society and life is much better because of it, not just for me, but for everyone. What is a day like? I'd like to share with you my future day, but first I want to preface it with a quick rethinking . . .

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July 03, 2020

Why universal basic income instead of just lower taxes?

Another frequently asked UBI question answered

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A frequently asked question in response to universal basic income that comes mostly in response from conservatives is some variation of, "Why don't we just tax people less if we want them to have more money?" It's an entirely fair question to ask, especially if you're paying more than $12,000 per year in taxes, . . .

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June 17, 2020

My #TestifyForUBI Testimony for Congress

The following is the testimony I wrote and recorded on video for Congress on May 18 as part of the #TestifyForUBI campaign. If you would like to take part too, please visit and fill out the application form. Please also follow @TestifyForUBI on Twitter for updates.

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My name is Scott Santens and I’m the . . .

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June 03, 2020

My Raconteur Interview About UBI

Published on May 10, 2020

I was interviewed last month for an article published on May 10 for Raconteur, titled "Virus fallout could usher in the UBI era." The author, Oliver Pickup, asked me a series of questions, and from my answers, a few quotes were selected for the article. Below are all my answers in their entirety.

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Briefly, is . . .

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May 11, 2020

May the Force Be With UBI

The Poverty Death Star Argument for Unconditional Basic Income

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(Illustration by @Sinnerman)

There is no film I've watched more than Star Wars: A New Hope except for maybe The Empire Strikes Back. If I were to venture a guess as to how many times I've seen each of them, and also Return of the Jedi, all I can say is it's in the triple digits for each one. I've read dozens of . . .

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May 04, 2020

New on Vocal: The Future of the United States Depends on the Immediate Adoption of UBI

Also available to watch or listen to

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In early April I published a new full-length essay on Vocal that deep-dived into why UBI is so important now more than ever as tens of millions of people become unemployed, and as automation starts doing far more of the work that millions of those people will no longer do.

Special thanks to Sinnerman for the cover . . .

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April 29, 2020


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